Apply to the LBJ Women's Campaign School

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Apply to the LBJ Women's Campaign School


Class of 2022 Applications

Join a community of women leaders
As a nonpartisan, issue-neutral program, the LBJ Women's Campaign School focuses on building the skills women need in the political arena, not our partisan differences. If you are a business leader, lawyer, campaign staffer, community advocate, government worker, nonprofit director or activist and you are ready to run or manage a campaign, this program is for you. It doesn't matter if you plan to run for school board or U.S. Senate, manage a race for city council or Congress, we can help you get ready to win!

Successful applicants will have the following characteristics:

  • Civic-minded and committed to public service: Uses her voice and her time to lift up those around her, votes, volunteers and has the capacity to lead toward meaningful change.
  • Significant, meaningful experience: has demonstrated success in her career or other aspects of her life, is ready to lead.
  • Can apply what she learns in the program: has clearly defined goals for running for office or staffing a campaign in the next one to three years.
  • Skilled communicator: Inspires those around her through her communication skills, authenticity, and vision.

Application deadline: Jan. 16, 2022. Our next session begins April 29, 2022.