Financial Aid

The LBJ Women's Campaign School is committed to training the most talented women in politics. Our commitment to affordability means making it possible for women to gain the skills and the network they need to be leaders in public life, regardless of income.


Tuition Costs:

What is the cost to participate?

Tuition cost is $1,750.

We encourage women to fundraise for their tuition. This will give you a window into the world of political fundraising. If you choose to fundraise for your tuition, you will be invited to a bonus political fundraising class with a fundraising expert. Last year, many women in cohort two raised their tuition funds in just a few hours. If you are unable to fundraise your tuition, we also have scholarships available based on financial need. To apply for financial aid, please fill out the form below. 

Everyone who participates benefits from subsidized tuition funded by our donors. The actual cost to run the program is over $3,000 per person. Through grants, fundraisers, and sponsorships, we are able to subsidize tuition for 100% of participants, bringing the tuition price down to $1,750. If you would like to help defray our tuition costs for our participants and support women in politics, please make a tax-deductible donation.

Can I fundraise my participation fee?

Yes! We encourage every woman to practice their fundraising skills and reach out to their network to help with tuition and travel. Fundraising is a critical campaign skill and we urge you to begin practicing now. By fundraising your tuition you are also opening up financial assistance to those with clear financial need.

When will I find out if I received financial assistance?

Shortly after you receive your admissions offer, you will receive a notification of financial assistance. We are fully committed to helping every woman attend this program regardless of income. In the case that the financial aid package does not meet your financial need, please email We are here for you.

Does the admissions committee weigh financial assistance into the decision process?

No, the admissions committee doesn't know whether or not you've requested financial assistance. The members of the committee will be weighing your leadership, commitment to public service and experiences!