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Apply to the LBJ Women's Campaign School

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As a nonpartisan, issue-neutral program, the LBJ Women's Campaign School focuses on building the skills leaders need in the political arena, not on our partisan differences. If you are a business leader, lawyer, campaign staffer, community advocate, government worker, nonprofit director, or activist and you are ready to run or manage a campaign, this program is for you. It doesn't matter if you plan to run for school board or U.S. Senate, manage a race for city council or Congress, we can help you get ready to win!


Financial aid is given on a need basis as long as available funds remain. Round 1 applicants who apply by Dec. 1 will receive priority funding. Out-of-state applicants will receive special consideration because of grant opportunities available to Texas state residents.

TWU's (Texas Woman's University) Jane Nelson Institute for Women's Leadership provides competitive, full-tuition grant funding to all Texas residents.

You are eligible for this competitive, full-tuition grant if you are:

  • not a full-time student
  • not a current elected official
  • not a current candidate
  • not a precinct chair

If you are a Texas resident accepted to the LBJ Women's Campaign School, you will be asked to fill out an additional application for the grant, which includes a check request form, W-9, direct deposit form, and a signed letter of acceptance that designates the rules of the grant and that you accept them. Additionally, you cannot have a hold on your account by the State of Texas to be eligible for the grant. If you have questions about a potential hold on your account, please contact the Texas Comptroller's office.